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Places to buy plants and flowers in East London

It can be difficult to find the best places to buy plants, flowers and gardening tools in East London – often the best places aren’t on the radar. However, to assist you we’ve come up with a handy map showing our favourites markets, shops and nurseries in the area.

Click here to view full map and zoom in.

By Natasha Wynarczyk


VIDEO l Shopping on a budget: how to pick the right plants

In aid of National Gardening week I spent my Saturday morning at Growing Concerns choosing some flowers to spruce up my garden.

In this video I share some tips on how to choose the right flowers for your garden when you’re on a budget.

Thanks to the staff at Growing Concerns who were great at advising me on the right plants to buy. As our valued readers, we welcome you to leave comments if you have any useful tips. Also, excuse my pronunciation of ‘Pulmonarias’!

By Krystena Petrakas