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Brown bin collection days in Hackney

For Eastend gardeners who are unsure of the collection days for garden waste, Hackney Council are currently working on their datasets and have a facility that allows you to view collection dates for your brown bag garden waste.

To find out your relevant dates visit the Hackney Council website following this green link and simply type your street name into the search box.

In my attempt to make this easier for eastend gardeners I devised a map showing street collection days, however in my search for data I got a little muddled with green box and brown bag collection dates.

But so as not to let a good map go to waste, below is information for recycling and green box collection. Recycling your household waste and any old plastic plant pots is something we at Eastend Gardener promote.

You can view Green Box Collection Days in a full screen map by clicking on the green link. In this full version you can zoom in and find your street to check which day you should put out your household waste for recycling.

The image above shows the streets around Hackney, Dalston and Homerton.

Please let us know if there is any other information or garden-related queries you have and we’d be happy to research and find out the information for you.

By Krystena Petrakas