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Urban gardeners vs. the urban fox

get rid of urban foxes

Don't let foxes dig up your flowerbeds!

You might have to say goodbye to your garden gnomes if you want to prevent fox intruders.

If you are experiencing problems with foxes in your garden, as some urban gardeners do, then there are many preventatives to make sure foxes don’t ruin your rose beds.

Foxes are known for digging so make sure your garden fence goes at least 8 inches underground. They are also notorious for rummaging through bins; the easier it is for foxes to get to your rubbish the more likely they are to hang around your garden. Make sure any rubbish and refuse sacks are thrown away securely in waste bins and lock the lid.

It’s easy to hear a female fox in your garden as vixens are known to make a screaming sounds at night when they are ready to mate, you can buy strong smelling repellents from garden centres which will discourage foxes from trespassing but don’t harm the animal in any way.

Foxes often communicate with each other by ‘marking their territory’, you can prevent them from urinating on your flower patch ridding your garden of any dorment features, such as tree stumps and even garden gnomes are seen as an attraction for some foxes wanting to make their mark. It is also a good idea to fill any holes underneath garden sheds to prevent them from making any resting places in your backyard.

If you want more information on pest control look at your council’s website and see for more information.

By Krystena Petrakas. Photo from Digital Primate via Flickr under CC licence