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The Pumpkin Bag

Who says fashion and fancy dress can’t mix? To jazz up a Halloween outfit why not make a pumpkin bag. It cost me all of £1.45 took 15 minutes to make and went down a treat.

Attach a bag strap using string

Lining the bag is good idea

Wear it with's a pumpkin bag!


Wishing you a happy Halloween and a garden full of pumpkins…



Don’t get too smashed…

By Hannah Bass.

Russell Brand jumps on the gardening bandwagon

Russell Brand Katy Perry sex gardening

Russell Brand has replaced sex with gardening, apparently

He’s the wild-haired, tight-trousered comedian famed for his womanising ways, but it seems Russell Brand has discovered an unlikely new pursuit, giving up tending to lady gardens in favour of, er, actual gardens.

Since marrying American singer Katy Perry Russell claims that although he is not having sex with various women 20 times a week, he is now a “bloody good gardener”.

He’s a veggie, so we can only imagine he’s growing a wide range of vegetables. And with rumours of infidelity on his part we only hope he’s grown Katy some lovely flowers too…

By Natasha Wynarczyk. Image from Wikimedia Commons under a CC licence.