Five Jubilee weekend garden buys

The Jubilee weekend is almost a month away and soon we’ll be sipping G&Ts and eating coronation chicken sandwiches in our gardens while enjoying the (hopefully) sunny weather.

But how can you make your garden party stand out from the rest? We’ve put together a list of five garden party buys.

1. Bunting

Bunting is a must to brighten up your garden. This Talking Tables bunting from Selfridges features a range of twee, iconic British designs and is a snip for 5metres at £15.

2. Strawberries

They won’t grow in time to pop into a pint of cream to serve up at your party but what better way to celebrate than taking some time out to plant the iconic British fruit in your garden? Seeds from £2.00 at Chiltern Seeds. You can also buy a starter pot at for £12.00.

3. Throw

A stylish throw is a multi-purpose item. During the day you can use it as a picnic blanket, then later on you can be warm as well as patriotic by wrapping it round you when the sun goes down. eBay has a selection here.

4. Solar-powered Queen

Pay tribute to Her Maj in an environmentally-friendly way with this solar-powered Queen figurine. Stick her on a garden table as a quirky talking-piece and watch her wave as the sun’s rays shine onto the solar panel on her handbag. £14.99 from

5. Garden statue

Give your garden the royal treatment with this crown ornament. Jazz it up by covering it in fairy lights. From Caught my Fancy and eBay, starting from £15.

By Natasha Wynarczyk.  Top image by Cuprinol showing their “Peckingham Palace”, a luxurious bird box built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee. Tweet them @PeckinghamTweet


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