DIY VIDEO | How to make a seed bomb

Do you hate the sight of a disused plot of land, or a vacant lot by the side of the road? Always wanted to try guerilla gardening, but scared of the public attention that comes with planting flowers by the pavement? Try seed bombing. It’s easy, cheap and exercises your throwing arm.

You can buy pre-made bombs, but where’s the fun in that? With a little bit of clay, compost, seeds and a sprinkling of water, you can make your own seed bombs. Chuck them into abandoned, unloved plots of land and make this city a little greener.

Check out our handy seed bomb primer here:

Read more for our six rules of responsible seed bombing…

DO watch your aim – avoid throwing bombs into somebody’s window or garden!
DON’T throw the bombs into privately owned land or conservation areas.
DO target abandoned sites, places that will benefit positively from greenery.
DON’T throw seed bombs into places that won’t get enough rain or light. You don’t want your seeds to go to waste!
DO use seeds that are native to your area, so you avoid introducing foreign plants into the local environment.
DON’T seed bomb places like construction sites. As ugly as they are, they’ll be an inhospitable home for your plants.

Keep the rules in mind and have fun!

By Zing Tsjeng


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