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Brown bin collection days in Hackney

For Eastend gardeners who are unsure of the collection days for garden waste, Hackney Council are currently working on their datasets and have a facility that allows you to view collection dates for your brown bag garden waste.

To find out your relevant dates visit the Hackney Council website following this green link and simply type your street name into the search box.

In my attempt to make this easier for eastend gardeners I devised a map showing street collection days, however in my search for data I got a little muddled with green box and brown bag collection dates.

But so as not to let a good map go to waste, below is information for recycling and green box collection. Recycling your household waste and any old plastic plant pots is something we at Eastend Gardener promote.

You can view Green Box Collection Days in a full screen map by clicking on the green link. In this full version you can zoom in and find your street to check which day you should put out your household waste for recycling.

The image above shows the streets around Hackney, Dalston and Homerton.

Please let us know if there is any other information or garden-related queries you have and we’d be happy to research and find out the information for you.

By Krystena Petrakas


VIDEO l How to make a solitary bee home

Bees are in trouble. The number of bees in Britain is falling dramatically and three bumblebee species are already extinct.

Many factors are causing the declining population, from having less habitats, to climate change and even certain pesticides can harm bees. Many bee homes have been destroyed as development continues around the UK and bees are left nowhere to lay their eggs.

Tash and I are doing our bit to encourage bee activity and making our Eastend garden bee-friendly by making our own solitary bee home. We hope you follow in our steps and help the bee population.

Please see our video on how to make your own solitary bee home.

And here’s what went wrong…

By Krystena Petrakas and Natasha Wynarczyk

Historic florist to be demolished

A couple of weeks ago I was doing a work attachment at the Ham & High newspaper in London.  I was sent to Belsize Park to vox-pop locals about a historic florist which is set to be demolished in the area.

The Salmon Florist, located next door to Belzise Park tube station, is over a century old. The quaint little hut, which sells a range of flowers and shrubs, brightens up Haverstock Hill, standing out in a street full of chain restaurants and high-street shops.

The hut was once part of the Devonshire nurseries, which used to cover a large proportion of the land by the tube (it’s now a council estate and coffee shops). Despite opposition from some residents, Camden Council have sold the land, which looks like it will be replaced with a basement development.

Despite it being a cold and rainy day, a number of people stopped to look at the plants. The vast majority of people I spoke to said they were sad to see it go, as it is such a focal point of the area. Many had gone there to buy additions to their gardens or seasonal decorations and gifts and thought it’d be a shame.

It’s a sad fact that similar things are happening all over London (and the rest of the UK as well). We need to start supporting our local, independent gardening shops.

Do you know of anything similar happening in East London? Tweet us @eastendgardener.

By Natasha Wynarczyk. Photo from

VIDEO l Shopping on a budget: how to pick the right plants

In aid of National Gardening week I spent my Saturday morning at Growing Concerns choosing some flowers to spruce up my garden.

In this video I share some tips on how to choose the right flowers for your garden when you’re on a budget.

Thanks to the staff at Growing Concerns who were great at advising me on the right plants to buy. As our valued readers, we welcome you to leave comments if you have any useful tips. Also, excuse my pronunciation of ‘Pulmonarias’!

By Krystena Petrakas

Ready, steady, goat! The Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race 2012

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    Off to the #goatrace at @spitz_cityfarm! I’m putting my bets on the Cambridge goat.
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 07:31:46
  2. Over Bank Holiday weekend, East End Gardener arrived at picturesque Spitalfields Farm, London. The farm has organised the annual Goat Race for the past four years to raise money for their excellent community farming and animal welfare projects. Tickets were £5, with free refreshments sponsored by Hendricks Gin.
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VIDEO | Ask a Dad: how to plant hardy asiatic lilies

If you’re a flamboyant flower lover with limited space and funds, the asiatic lily delivers a whole lot of bang for your buck. These vivid flowers look both expensive and impressive, but in fact even the most horticulturally challenged can buy a cutting for a few quid and watch it flourish almost of its own accord.

In the first of our Ask a Dad video series, our resident Dad reveals the tricks to successfully potting up these hardy plants…

By Hannah Bass
Image by Arturo Yee

Would you rent out your garden during the Olympics?

Space in East London is going to be in high demand during the Olympics, but a group has come up with an innovative way to combat this.

Camp in my Garden is the world’s first garden camping community. Started by Victoria Webbon in April 2011, it allows individuals to either rent out their garden or apply to camp in somebody else’s garden.

I’ve included a map below of campsites in East London from their website.

We’re interested to know what our readers think. Would you rent out your garden during the Olympics? Get in touch at eastendgardener[at]gmail[dot]com or in the comments below.

By Natasha Wynarczyk.