Gardeners, have you tried Pinterest?

Any gardeners heard of Pinterest? I’m obsessed. It’s a great little image-sharing community that’s a cross between Twitter and Tumblr – members ‘pin’ their favourite pictures onto a virtual pinboard to share with others. It’s a neat way to organise your photos for gardening inspiration (or as we put, greenspiration).

Here are some of my favourite Pinterest photos – click on the pics for their Pinterest source.

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4 responses to “Gardeners, have you tried Pinterest?

  1. Wow, I particularly love the hanging ferns, how cool! I wonder how you water them?!?!

    • Hmmm… from the looks of the picture, it seems like they’ve packed soil into moulded wire frames, so you’d water them as you would a regular fern. Most ferns don’t react well to being overwatered anyway, so I guess if you were careful, water wouldn’t drain out of the wire basket! But that’s just my guess.

  2. i want to have the hanging ferns in my backyard,where can i buy them ? they look so awesome !

  3. From Krystena – Eastend Gardener

    Unfortunately these hanging String Gardens can only be bought in Amsterdam, here’s there website

    I really love them too and looked into who makes them – they are produced by a Dutchman Fedor van der Falk, String Gardens is a project he started working on around four years ago.

    He uses a three-dimensional crochet filled with plaster, soil, moss, and grass. They come in all shapes and sizes and can fit most plants.

    If you ever find yourself going to live in Amsterdam, go to Pompon and you can get some! I hope this info has been some sort of consolation, if you do come across a place in the UK that sells then do let us know!

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