Re-home an ex-battery hen


Owning an urban hen is one of the best ways to bring the countryside into your London yard, and what better way to bring a lovely hen into your life than to adopt one?

The British Hen Welfare Trust is campaigning for a free-range future, aiming to give former battery hens a new home. Adoption is free, although any donations to the charity is welcome. You can also find a comprehensive guide on their website which every budding hen-owner should read.

Not got enough space or time to look after an urban hen? Don’t worry you can sponsor one instead.

East End Gardener is looking to interview an owner of urban hens in London. If you’re interested, please email

By Natasha Wynarczyk. Photo by Steven L Johnson under a CC licence


2 responses to “Re-home an ex-battery hen

  1. As a hopeful adopter, at somepoint, I would be very interested to read what other owners have to say!

  2. Good use of image and a cc licence. I wouldn’t include your email as a whole link but would style it out as eastendgardener[at]gmail[dot]com to stop evil spammers.

    Good luck in finding a hen owner – or if you of you gets a hen themselves!

    PS – Tash can we get a hen?

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