Plants you can’t kill

I have a c0nfession to make. I am a plant killer. My beautiful blue hydrangea, bought from Columbia Road and expected to last throughout the unusually warm winter we’ve been having, is now wilted and dead in the front yard. I even once managed to kill a small cactus after completely misjudging the fact that cacti actually need water at some point to live. But it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Thankfully,  some fellow gardening bloggers have come up with lists of “un-killable plants” so I can start becoming a better plant parent. Here’s some links to the best:

Melanie Pinola, has written a post  on  Lifehacker, where she put un-killable plants to the test. She recommends four plants which have managed to survive – air plants, succulent, aloe plant and jade.

Marie Iannotti, a gardener from America, has come up with a comprehensive list of hardy plants on her blog, which also features ways to not kill plants, such as not over-watering them and avoiding salt build-up.

By Natasha Wynarczyk. Photo by Peter Pearson under a CC license


One response to “Plants you can’t kill

  1. Hi Zing! Finally got around to reading your blog–love it! I’ve got a few air plants with “pups” (the little baby air plants that grow from the parent plant) that I keep in hanging glass globes/candle holders. Will have to pass you a few when they’re big enough to be separated. Dead easy to take care of. Keep out of direct sunlight, and soak them overnight in water about once a week.

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