Call for action

Winter garden urban gardening London

We know winter probably wasn’t the best time to start a gardening blog, but we are still optimistic and won’t let our passion wilt just yet.

Dubious on the knowledge Google has on gardening, we’re asking for your help – all urban gardeners, green-fingered enthusiasts and anyone with horticultural knowledge.

We want to know, what should you plant in urban gardens in the bitter winter months?

Please send us ideas, suggestions, photos, videos and any comments – we need you to water our knowledge.

Photo by Matti Malda via Flickr under a CC licence.


One response to “Call for action

  1. Good idea to make a call for action – but make your headline more specific. Also, it will improve your chances if you include one useful contribution in the post itself. That shows that you’re prepared to do the work too, shows what you’re looking for, and creates momentum (you can also directly ask someone to comment to get that ball rolling)

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