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Get Glamping

Glamping at One New Change in aid of the Prince's Trust

Whether it’s on a roof or in a garden, camping is evidently in vogue

Garden camping is, quite simply what it says on the tin, a way for homeowners to make a bit of money renting out their garden space to the many tourists coming over for the London Olympics.

Being the latest concept in traveling trends, the style of garden camping can vary from basic camping to ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping).

As most hotels are fully-booked and landlords hike up the rent to an outrageous price, this scheme is helping tourists find a more affordable way to visit the City during the 2012 Games. With eastend garden owners certainly profiting from this scheme the most, with the current listings priced around £28 per person per night – a nice price for simply opening your garden gate.

To get involved in this scheme contact CampInMyGarden.

By Krystena Petrakas. Photo by EG Focus via Flickr under a CC licence


Greenspiration: Barbican balconies are small but perfectly formed

by Ol.v!er

Balconies at London’s iconic Barbican Estate prove that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to green space.

Our philosophy at the East End Gardener is that there’s no patch of concrete too small to be beautified. Balconies, yards and even window sills can become gardens.

So if you’re planning your pot planting, take inspiration from the Barbican balconies, where tumbling vines and colour-pop peonies bring the Brutalist concrete to life.

by Metro Centric

by Metro Centric

by maistora.

By Hannah Bass

Call for action

Winter garden urban gardening London

We know winter probably wasn’t the best time to start a gardening blog, but we are still optimistic and won’t let our passion wilt just yet.

Dubious on the knowledge Google has on gardening, we’re asking for your help – all urban gardeners, green-fingered enthusiasts and anyone with horticultural knowledge.

We want to know, what should you plant in urban gardens in the bitter winter months?

Please send us ideas, suggestions, photos, videos and any comments – we need you to water our knowledge.

Photo by Matti Malda via Flickr under a CC licence.